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About A1 Hemp Supply co. 

Who are we?... What do we stand for?...
Who are we?... What do we stand for?...
A1 Hemp Supply Co is a craft cannabis company that was founded on the passion and benefit of this remarkable plant. We stand on transparency, providing top-shelf quality products, and sustaining good health. We give each of our clients a level of attention and engagement that larger, corporate companies do not provide you. We strive to build a relationship with you and be present for all of your needs.
Cannabis is our true

We know and believe that the cannabis plant has an abundance of benefits, and benefits that work for people in all walks of life.


We enjoy bringing those people together and sharing those common benefits to enjoy the happiest and healthiest life.


A1 Hemp Supply Co. effectively manages your desire for that superior cannabis product. All products are formulated, researched & developed by cannabis connoisseurs with years of experience. We put quality above all else when it comes to the products we make.

A1 Hemp Supply Co. Cannabis Bong
Being Healthy Never Felt So Good 

At A1Hemps, a percentage of all sales is donated directly to organizations that research different ways to fight opiate addiction and find ways to end it.


So when you purchase from us, you're not only doing your health a favor, but you're doing this world a favor!

We look forward to meeting you


Welcoming you to the A1Hemps Family!

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