The Best CBN Tincture for Sleep: How to Make The Right Choice

At A1 Hemp Supply Co., we offer a range of products that are ideal solutions for our customers' many different health and wellness goals. One of the most common issues most adults face these days is falling and staying asleep.

Sleep problems can be caused by several different issues. For some, it is experiencing inflammation or discomfort that makes it difficult to get a peaceful night’s rest.

CBN can be used in a variety of products that help relax the body, calm the mind, and potentially assist in reducing issues with inflammation. Different formulations and strengths of CBN oil, tincture, gummies, and concentrates can be used to help drift off to a better night's rest. Here at A1 Hemp, we’re proud to offer our CBN Full Spectrum Tincture. Unlike addictive and artificial medications, this is a wonderful solution to over-the-counter sleep medications that adversely affect the brain and liver.

Hybrid Products

No matter what formulation of CBN you choose, look at the strain used in the product. Hybrid strains are known for their ability to add a sense of calm and relaxation for the body and the mind. Many of these hybrid formulations also include Delta 9 THC and can be consumed in a variety of different products. Edibles are always popular for sleep, with gummies being one of the most popular choices.

Delta 9 THC contains tetrahydrocannabinol, but it is legal to levels of less than 0.3%. Choose a formulation designed for nighttime use to help ease you into relaxation.

As with all CBD oils and products, starting with a small dosage and then gradually increasing to find the right level is essential. A1 Hemp Supply offers a huge variety of top-quality products to accommodate our customers' needs. For more information, reach out to us online! We’re here to help!

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