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Delta 8 Batter

Delta 8 Batter


Do you need a more upgraded and leading Delta 8 dab? Then the Delta 8 Batter Wedding Cake is your best solution. The composition of this concentrate is exactly like that of the enticing cake batter. While formulating and compounding this concentrate, we have carefully struck a balance to suit your goals and needs in quality dabs.


Delta 8 Batter is formulated with Delta 8, CBG, and CBN. Prepare for you to relax and experience the uninterrupted concentration and sobriety that the concentrate offers.


Wedding Cake

Mixing the Wedding Cake strain to our recipe is of necessity. As soon as you get over the earthy and doughy aroma, you'll experience an appealing, sweet perfume. The flavor is earthy and clean, and it leaves you feeling euphoric.


Purple Punch

Purple Punch has a similar aroma to that of sweet grapes. It is undeniable that this strain is related to the Granddaddy Purple. So, get your taste buds soaring in fruity heaven with a flavor rich in fruit punch, skittles, and grape. 


Cannabinoids per gram -


THC content of Delta 8: 425.4mg

CBG: 511.4mg

CBN: 51.0mg

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