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Revive - CBD Broad Spectrum Tincture

Revive - CBD Broad Spectrum Tincture


Broad Spectrum = zero THC


The Revive CBD Broad Spectrum Tincture enhances attention and promotes rejuvenation. Attending our everyday activities often gets the body stressed. So there needs to be a means for reviving the body. This tincture was made to fulfil this purpose. It can be taken after the day's activities, after exercising or to begin the day. We recommend beginers start with a low dose to know the quantity that works best for them. A notebook can also be used to track your dosage duration. 


This tincture has zero THC. Instead, it has a blend of other minor cannabinoids to stir its effect. The Revive CBD Broad Spectrum Tincture enhances your mood and keeps you active throughout the day.




Compared to other medications, CBD does not have a diverse effect on the body system. Instead, it boosts the body's immune system to heal itself naturally. 


CBD is known to have a unique effect on cannabinoid receptors. Unlike THC, CBD exhibits part of its healing potential through several non-cannabinoid receptors. CBD and THC are not the only cannabinoids discovered in the cannabis plant. Therefore, we are conducting further research to discover how other substances work with this system. 




Our refined CBD oil tincture is formulated transparently with natural ingredients. In addition, we use the latest technology in our production process for quality.


Some elements reflect the clarity of our oil. For example, we use highly refined MCT oil transparently since this is our main carrier oil. Most of our competitors use hemp seed oils instead of less refined oil substances.


Several things influence the clarity of our oil. As our principal carrier oil, we use a highly refined MCT oil that is transparent.
Our highly refined oil eliminates practically all extra plant components, including chlorophyll and lipids. This results in a mildly flavored transparent liquid with a light color. As a consequence, we manufacture a high cannabinoid content, low plant material, and adaptable product that is easy to ingest with minimum flavor.



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