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All of our products go through third party lab testing to ensure the highest of quality product. 

We strive to build relationships and have clear communication with all of our clients - big or small.



With our focus on exceptional quality, we bring you superior products that cannot be matched.

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cannabis products.

Welcome to A1 Hemp Supply Co! Where transparency and top-shelf products reign supreme. A1 Hemp Supply co  has earned an excellent reputation among consumers and retailers alike.

A1 Hemp Supply Co believes in providing top-shelf quality products for cannabis connoisseurs. Our clients are important to us, that's why A1 Hemp Supply Co strives to give each of our customers a level of engagement that bigger companies can't. We want to be there for all your health and cannabis needs as well as provide you with service that is nothing short of exceptional.

Our products are specifically formulated to enhance the physical and mental well-being of people everywhere. At A1 Hemp Supply Co, we utilize the best practices to produce high-quality, and innovative products for our customers.


We are pleased to offer a huge variety of Delta-8 and Delta-9 products. Delta 8 THC cannabis has intoxicating effects that are similar to those experienced with Delta 9 THC. They’re a great choice if you want the benefits of CBD but not the full psychoactive power of Delta-9. For those interested in a stronger effect with the same clean and safe quality, we suggest our Delta-9 products such as our gummies.

A1 A1 Hemp Supply Co, two of our most popular items are our Delta-9 gummies, and our Dabbables. Our gummies are sure to exceed your expectations! The new HHC Live Resin Batter will hit just like your first hit from a bowl of flower, mmm mhhmmm.. We have a product for all levels of experience and needs, so please check out our shop page for full product descriptions!

We take pride in having the highest quality and cleanest cannabis products, so pick your favorites from our amazing collection and contact us directly with any questions, or send an email to


feedback is used to provide you with the ultimate A1 experience.


popular products.
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